21st October 2019
Washington Court Hotel on Capitol Hill

21st October 2019
Washington Court Hotel on Capitol Hill

12th November 2019
JW Marriott Kuwait City

12th November 2019
Kuwait City

IFN Jordan Dialogues 2019

14th November 2019

19th November 2019
Trowers and Hamlins offices, London

IFN Ireland Dialogues 2019

20th November 2019

3rd December 2019
Kuala Lumpur

IFN Pakistan Forum 2019

17th December 2019



4th March 2020
Manama, Bahrain

8th March 2020
Dubai, UAE

IFN Dubai Awards Dinner 2020

8th March 2020
Dubai, UAE

10th March 2020
Muscat, Oman

16th March 2020
Casablanca, Morocco

18th March 2020
Sydney, Australia

IFN Asia Forum 2020

6th & 7th April 2020
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

IFN Asia Awards Dinner Kuala Lumpur 2020

6th April 2020
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3rd – 10th June 2020

IFN BITS Asia 2020

24th June 2020
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

IFN Asia Halal Financing Forum 2020

24th August 2020
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

IFN Indonesia Forum 2020

26th August 2020
Jakarta, Indonesia

IFN Singapore Forum 2020

27th August 2020

1st September 2020
London, UK

IFN Turkey Dialogues 2020

7th September 2020
Istanbul, Turkey

IFN Americas Forum 2020

19th October 2020

IFN Kuwait Dialogues 2020

9th November 2020
Kuwait City, Kuwait

IFN Jordan Dialogues 2020

11th November 2020
Amman, Jordan

IFN Green & Sustainable Finance Forum 2020

24th November 2020
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Capital Adequacy for Islamic Banks and IFIs
21st & 22nd October 2019
Intercontinental KL

Risk Management of Islamic Banks & Sukuk Instruments
23rd & 24th October 2019
Pullman Jakarta Indonesia

Digital Auditing: Managing the Challenges of Digital Business
11th & 12th November 2019
Kuala Lumpur

IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts
11th & 12th November 2019
Kuala Lumpur

Risk Management of Islamic Banks & Sukuk Instruments
26th & 27th November 2019
Manama, Bahrain

Credit Risk Modelling: Understanding IFRS9 Requirements and Implementing an IFRS9 Framework

Credit Risk Modelling
2nd – 4th December 2019
Kuala Lumpur

Applying Islamic Finance to Blockchains
9th December 2019
Kuala Lumpur

Treasury Management for Islamic Banks
9th & 10th December 2019

In-House Training

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Andrew Tebbutt
Managing Director
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Direct Line: +603 2162 7802

It has been a great pleasure for us to take part in IFN Turkey Dialogues 2019. The event was very successful and beneficial for discussing and elaborating on Islamic finance in general with a particular focus on its implementation and expected growth in Turkey. Panels held during the event, with distinguished individuals representing different actors in the finance market, were very efficient and dynamic platforms for exchanging experiences, thoughts and views on Islamic finance in general, specific products and its implementation in Turkey.

Ozge Konukcu Partner, YAK Attorney Partnership
Ozge Konukcu
Partner, YAK Attorney Partnership
IFN Turkey Dialogues 2019

I found the event very informative and insightful about the current situation and future of participation banking in Turkey. It has also been great to engage with professional colleagues.

Mine Sule Yazgan
Credits and Banking Relations Director/Finance Director, Yildiz Holding
IFN Turkey Dialogues 2019

IFN Dialogues provide a valuable platform to share experiences, ideas and also to expand our network. Also, the new format in 2019 enabled constructive discussions. Thank you very much to the REDmoney team.

Dilan Pamir
Senior Vice-President, Capital Markets, Investment Banking at Turkiye Kalkinma ve Yatirim Bankasi
IFN Turkey Dialogues 2019

The event has served as an excellent opportunity which allowed us to reach and network with our target audience. We had the chance to discuss and keep abreast of industry-specific topics related to the development of Islamic finance in Turkey.

Abdullah Altinkaya
Financial Institutions Manager, Financial Markets Department, Ziraat Participation Bank
IFN Turkey Dialogues 2019

Congratulations for the successful event in Istanbul. The venue was excellent and the topics were well chosen, addressing issues facing the Islamic finance industry in Turkey. The format of the Dialogues allowed the moderators, the speakers and the audience to interact and the time dedicated was sufficient to cover the issues comprehensively.

Oguz Aktuna
Senior Country Manager, ICIEC Headquarters, The Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment & Export Credit
IFN Turkey Dialogues 2019

Many thanks to IFN and Redmoney for organizing such a successful international event in Istanbul. The event provided participants the insights on the latest developments relating to the Islamic finance as well as fintech environment, challenges and opportunities including laws and regulations in Turkey. It was a great pleasure to participate in such a highly informative and interactive event.

Dr Cigdem Ayozger Ongun
Founder, SRP-Legal
IFN Turkey Dialogues 2019

The event provided excellent ideas regarding potential opportunities and development areas in Islamic finance for moving forward. It covered the right topics, variety and quality of selected panelists and provided a networking opportunity. I am honored to be part of the event as a speaker and had an opportunity to discuss my views on the growth of the Sukuk market and Islamic capital market instruments and also the necessary steps to be taken in Turkey.

Esma Karabulut
Assistant VP of Investment Banking, Turkiye Emlak Katilim Bankasi
IFN Turkey Dialogues 2019

IFN World Leaders Summit 2019 organized in Dubai has provided me with an exceptional opportunity to network with major stakeholders of the Islamic finance world and to get insightful and valuable views on the market, its key challenges and major evolution. All attendees were highly knowledgeable and experienced. Finally the organization was flawless. An event worth penciling in one’s agenda if willing to get an overview of the Islamic finance market going forward.

Fabrice Susini
CEO, Saudi Real Estate Refinance Company
IFN World Leaders Summit 2019

The experience of attending IFN Oman 2019 event has been wonderful. It hits all the right notes with contemporary issues being discussed and experts sharing their thoughts. The format has been well planned with conference sessions and networking sessions evenly paced out. It was a pleasure to meet all the financial industry experts, regulatory bodies and clients present at the event.

Maisarah Islamic Banking Services
Oman Forum 2019

Indeed it was a great event. The IFN team did a great job. I want to extend a special thank you for having Sohar Islamic as a sponsor and me as a panelist. I would love to have senior management participation next time. We can discuss that nearer to the event date. Also, I hope that we can get more companies on board.

Muhammad Kashif Zafar
Head of Islamic Banking Finance, Sohar Islamic
Oman Forum 2019

The event was very well organized and panel speakers were engaging.

Esam El-Makkawy
and Interim Company Secretary, Souq Extra
IFN World Leaders Summit 2019

It was indeed a pleasant experience and enjoyable events including networking.

Girish Koli
CFO, Al Madina Real Estate Company
Oman Forum 2019

Thank you IFN for these productive events you guys do the world over. Always felt at home and keen to contribute and promote these efforts.

Mughees Shaukat
Head, Islamic Finance, College of Banking and Financial Studies
Oman Forum 2019

It was a well-organized event as always. In addition, I was impressed with the diverse set of co-panelists.

Sandeep Singh
Senior Director and Regional Head, Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Franklin Templeton Investments
IFN World Leaders Summit 2019

IFN World Leaders Summit 2019 was an ideal gathering for specialists to interact openly with other experts from around the world and look for solutions together that will make Islamic finance a more transparent and investor-friendly world while always putting client’s rights first.

William Tohmé
CFA , Regional Head – MENA
IFN World Leaders Summit 2019