REDmoney Group is the foremost global provider of specialized Islamic financial media services across three core divisions of events, publishing and training. Established in 2004, the firm has offices in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur: offering an unrivalled multi-channel service across the full spectrum of the global financial markets. The outward-facing arms of the REDmoney publishing and events portfolio are supported by REDmoney Training, which provides access to industry-leading expertise from the best in the field.

REDmoney Group covers the full range of global markets: from emerging Islamic economies across Africa and Asia to industry leaders such as Malaysia and the GCC along with developed nations in Europe and the Americas seeking to enter the sector. The company offers unequalled access to the elite of the industry: with relationships built up over a decade of trusted communication with market leaders to provide a detailed network covering every aspect of Islamic financial services.

REDmoney events designs, organizes and hosts industry-leading conferences, forums, roadshows, seminars and dialogues focusing on the Islamic financial markets across a global, regional and national level. Leveraging an exceptional network of the industry’s elite and supported by the expertise of the REDmoney publishing and seminars divisions, REDmoney Events are able to provide access to a unique array of influential speakers, panelists and participants from a cross-section of the global industry to debate the most significant issues affecting the Shariah compliant financial markets.

REDmoney events are differentiated by their complimentary yet qualified attendance structure, ensuring the highest quality of both delegates and contributors. Comprehensive and cuttingedge, attendance ensures exclusive access to the leaders in their field across all sectors and markets.

The annual IFN Asia and IFN UK Forums are categorically recognized as their continent’s leading industry events since their inception in 2006 and 2007, respectively. The Dialogues series have also become an integral element of the REDmoney events series and have cemented their position as leading, must-attend, events.

In 2024, we welcome the IFN Investor Forums, which coincide with the new IFN Investor portal.

REDmoney seminars designs and delivers bespoke training programs for banks, financial institutions, corporates and regulators. Courses can be designed for a specific purpose or mandate, or a particular group or level of expertise, ranging from graduate trainees to senior committees or boards of directors. In-house training can be very targeted and specific and can be finetuned to achieve explicit learning outcomes. Programs can be delivered through lectures, group discussions and exercises, case studies and real-life examples. Our courses are designed for face-to-face and online delivery, or a combination of both.

Islamic Finance news (IFN) is the company’s principal publication. IFN is a digital, subscription-based publication available online and through smartphone and tablet applications. Published weekly, the journal provides exclusive and comprehensive coverage of the global Islamic financial markets through in-house analysis and expert external contributions; in addition to a daily news service, additional quarterly supplements and a variety of special annual issues.

Differentiated by trusted relationships across the industry since 2004, IFN is able to leverage an unrivalled network of contacts and connections to provide unparalleled insight into the issues affecting global Shariah compliant markets: along with in-house analysis, news, interviews, reports, industry and sector data, and much more.

With an archived website containing over 80,000 exclusive reports, the IFN portfolio also hosts a suite of proprietary tools including the industry’s largest interactive terminology glossary, a directory of over 9,000 global Islamic financial institutions and a portal to Islamic Banking Intelligence, the most comprehensive source of segmented Islamic banking financial data.

Fintech is one of the most exciting sectors of the global financial industry, breaking boundaries and challenging preconceptions in one of the shake-ups of the century. A new class of financial players is disrupting the status quo – and financial institutions must embrace this change or face being left behind as the financial landscape transforms beyond recognition.

But although fintech as a whole has been well-served by the media, the Islamic segment has so far made limited penetration on public consciousness – despite the enormous potential it represents for the industry. There is a clear chasm between the multitude of pioneering entrepreneurs, start-ups and fintech firms making waves in the Islamic space; and the interested investors, institutions and stakeholders keen to explore these opportunities.

Recognizing this information gap, IFN is delighted to introduce to you a bespoke multi-channel platform – IFN FinTech.

Comprised of four tranches, IFN FinTech is a one-stop-shop for industry knowledge, networking and communication – supported by our unrivaled global network, our strong social media platform and our trusted multimedia Islamic finance offering.

IFN Sustainable, comprises a dedicated portal, weekly news alert, audio and video podcasts, interviews, data, exclusive reports, case studies, research, virtual roundtables, and hybrid forums. With a focus on the latest news and developments, IFN Sustainable is also be a pivotal platform for thought leadership and the launch of new products and services within the industry. IFN Sustainable also partners with some of the leading organizations associated with the Islamic and sustainable finance industry, providing holistic coverage.

The Islamic investment industry is a fastgrowing and dynamic sector within the Islamic finance space, with a ballooning pool of assets under management, reflecting a rapidly increasing demand for Islamic investment products.

Yet this increased demand has not been matched by increased activity in the media space.

And, although IFN has been reporting on the Islamic investment market for almost 20-years, we noticed we could do more and decided to rectify this imbalance.

After extensive research and surveying of the global Islamic investor industry on what they would like to see, we have designed and built a one stop portal for all those involved or interested in the local, regional, and global Shariah compliant investment market.

Welcome to IFN Investor. The new platform from REDmoney.