It has been a great pleasure for us to take part in IFN Turkey Dialogues 2019. The event was very successful and beneficial for discussing and elaborating on Islamic finance in general with a particular focus on its implementation and expected growth in Turkey. Panels held during the event, with distinguished individuals representing different actors in the finance market, were very efficient and dynamic platforms for exchanging experiences, thoughts and views on Islamic finance in general, specific products and its implementation in Turkey.

Ozge Konukcu Partner, YAK Attorney Partnership
Ozge Konukcu
Partner, YAK Attorney Partnership
IFN Turkey Dialogues 2019

I found the event very informative and insightful about the current situation and future of participation banking in Turkey. It has also been great to engage with professional colleagues.

Mine Sule Yazgan
Credits and Banking Relations Director/Finance Director, Yildiz Holding
IFN Turkey Dialogues 2019

IFN Dialogues provide a valuable platform to share experiences, ideas and also to expand our network. Also, the new format in 2019 enabled constructive discussions. Thank you very much to the REDmoney team.

Dilan Pamir
Senior Vice-President, Capital Markets, Investment Banking at Turkiye Kalkinma ve Yatirim Bankasi
IFN Turkey Dialogues 2019

The event has served as an excellent opportunity which allowed us to reach and network with our target audience. We had the chance to discuss and keep abreast of industry-specific topics related to the development of Islamic finance in Turkey.

Abdullah Altinkaya
Financial Institutions Manager, Financial Markets Department, Ziraat Participation Bank
IFN Turkey Dialogues 2019

Congratulations for the successful event in Istanbul. The venue was excellent and the topics were well chosen, addressing issues facing the Islamic finance industry in Turkey. The format of the Dialogues allowed the moderators, the speakers and the audience to interact and the time dedicated was sufficient to cover the issues comprehensively.

Oguz Aktuna
Senior Country Manager, ICIEC Headquarters, The Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment & Export Credit
IFN Turkey Dialogues 2019

Many thanks to IFN and Redmoney for organizing such a successful international event in Istanbul. The event provided participants the insights on the latest developments relating to the Islamic finance as well as fintech environment, challenges and opportunities including laws and regulations in Turkey. It was a great pleasure to participate in such a highly informative and interactive event.

Dr Cigdem Ayozger Ongun
Founder, SRP-Legal
IFN Turkey Dialogues 2019

The event provided excellent ideas regarding potential opportunities and development areas in Islamic finance for moving forward. It covered the right topics, variety and quality of selected panelists and provided a networking opportunity. I am honored to be part of the event as a speaker and had an opportunity to discuss my views on the growth of the Sukuk market and Islamic capital market instruments and also the necessary steps to be taken in Turkey.

Esma Karabulut
Assistant VP of Investment Banking, Turkiye Emlak Katilim Bankasi
IFN Turkey Dialogues 2019

Many thanks to Andrew Tebbutt and the REDmoney team on delivering an exceptional event in South Africa. The agenda covered critical issues and challenges facing Islamic banking in South Africa, with possible solutions. The various speakers and panel participants were well versed within their respective fields. Most importantly, the networking among all invited guests was invaluable. We look forward to the follow-up event in 2020.

Nazeer Cassim
Senior Manager, Islamic Banking Gauteng Corporate Office, HBZ Bank
South Africa Forum 2019

Thank you for putting together a successful IFN South Africa 2019!

Moulana Yusuf Jeena
Shariah Advisor, Albaraka Bank
South Africa Forum 2019

We attended the Kenya and South African legs of the IFN African Roadshow and found both to be well attended and organized; this was especially the case in Cape Town where the quality of speakers and discussion was very high.

Phil Attwood
Commodity Trader, Eiger Trading Advisors
South Africa Forum 2019

A big thank you for all the effort you put into this conference. Alhamdulilah we are getting very positive feedback. This initial conference has provided great perspectives

Amman Muhammad
CEO, FNB Islamic Banking
South Africa Forum 2019

IFN Nigeria Forum was the perfect platform to boost discussions around the growth and direction of Islamic finance in Nigeria. The diversity of participants, involvement of regulators and pertinent topics deliberated all contributed to the success of the event. We are pleased to have partnered on such an impactful forum.

Toyin Kekere-Ekun
CEO Lotus Financial Services
Nigeria Forum 2019

Very much appreciated and a big congratulations to you and your team. The event was very successful. We look forward to many more collaborative efforts.

Jude Chiemeka
Divisional Head, Trading Business, Nigerian Stock Exchange
Nigeria Forum 2019

This is the best Islamic Finance Forum I have ever attended.

Bashir Sharif Isyaku
Head, North-west Regional Tax Audit, Federal Inland Revenue Service, Kano
Nigeria Forum 2019

Congratulations on a very successful event.

Hajara Adeola
Managing Director/CEO, Lotus Capital
Nigeria Forum 2019

IFN World Leaders Summit 2019 organized in Dubai has provided me with an exceptional opportunity to network with major stakeholders of the Islamic finance world and to get insightful and valuable views on the market, its key challenges and major evolution. All attendees were highly knowledgeable and experienced. Finally the organization was flawless. An event worth penciling in one’s agenda if willing to get an overview of the Islamic finance market going forward.

Fabrice Susini
CEO, Saudi Real Estate Refinance Company
IFN World Leaders Summit 2019

The experience of attending IFN Oman 2019 event has been wonderful. It hits all the right notes with contemporary issues being discussed and experts sharing their thoughts. The format has been well planned with conference sessions and networking sessions evenly paced out. It was a pleasure to meet all the financial industry experts, regulatory bodies and clients present at the event.

Maisarah Islamic Banking Services
Oman Forum 2019

Indeed it was a great event. The IFN team did a great job. I want to extend a special thank you for having Sohar Islamic as a sponsor and me as a panelist. I would love to have senior management participation next time. We can discuss that nearer to the event date. Also, I hope that we can get more companies on board.

Muhammad Kashif Zafar
Head of Islamic Banking Finance, Sohar Islamic
Oman Forum 2019

The event was very well organized and panel speakers were engaging.

Esam El-Makkawy
and Interim Company Secretary, Souq Extra
IFN World Leaders Summit 2019

It was indeed a pleasant experience and enjoyable events including networking.

Girish Koli
CFO, Al Madina Real Estate Company
Oman Forum 2019

Thank you IFN for these productive events you guys do the world over. Always felt at home and keen to contribute and promote these efforts.

Mughees Shaukat
Head, Islamic Finance, College of Banking and Financial Studies
Oman Forum 2019

It was a well-organized event as always. In addition, I was impressed with the diverse set of co-panelists.

Sandeep Singh
Senior Director and Regional Head, Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Franklin Templeton Investments
IFN World Leaders Summit 2019

IFN World Leaders Summit 2019 was an ideal gathering for specialists to interact openly with other experts from around the world and look for solutions together that will make Islamic finance a more transparent and investor-friendly world while always putting client’s rights first.

William Tohmé
CFA , Regional Head – MENA
IFN World Leaders Summit 2019

The IFN conference was well organized as always with a fantastic venue choice, great catering and highly attended. All the panels and presentations were very informative with contributions from highly educated and experienced professionals from the industry. The panel with my involvement was no exception with diversified expertise to ensure robust and conflicting discussions to ensure all opinions were presented. I cannot speak highly enough of the event and organizers and look forward to attending again.

Hakan Ozyon
Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Ethical Fund
Investors Forum 2018

It was a great pleasure to be able to contribute and participate in another successful IFN conference. As always, IFN is at the forefront discussing relevant and advanced topics for the benefit of the Islamic finance industry. Keep up the excellent work.

Najmuddin Mohd Lutfi
CEO and Executive Director, BIMB Investment Management
Investors Forum 2018

A pleasure and honor to be part of your successful event. It was well organized and very professionally executed.

Ralph Dixon
Director of Environmental Investments, YTL Corporation and CEO, YTL-SV Carbon
Singapore Forum 2018

Well done on the well-planned event, very good panel topics and private dialogue.

Sazali Baharom
Country Manager, CIMB
Singapore Forum 2018

A well-run event!

Chan Kum Kong
Head of Research and Products, Equities and Fixed Income, SGX
Singapore Forum 2018

Indeed, it was a great event after a long period that I have not engaged with IFN programs when I covered consumer and later commercial banking portfolios. A lot of changes in the industry as well.

Shamsun Anwar Hussain
Managing Director, CIMB Islamic Bank
Singapore Forum 2018

Congratulations on the success of IFN Indonesia. We had good speakers from OJK and MOF, etc.
It was a nice event.

Masumi Hamahira
Advisor, Islamic Banking Window, MUFG Bank
Indonesia Forum 2018

Thank you very much for the opportunity to join the forum and I look forward to participating in the next event.

Irman Boyle
Head of Advisory, Indonesia Infrastructure Finance
Indonesia Forum 2018

I wish to thank you and your team for another successful event. It was very well organized and the conference went well. Our session, in particular, would have been informative and interesting to the audience due to the diverse background of the speakers and topics raised. I must commend the moderator for doing an excellent job in steering the different speakers and varying the areas of discussion.

Syed Mashafuddin Syed Badarudin
CEO, CIMB-Principal Islamic Asset Management
Indonesia Forum 2018

It was a great experience for me. In addition, I had the chance to meet very experienced business partners at the event. Thank you for your great effort and congratulations on your success. I will be glad to participate in the event as a speaker next year and looking forward to hear about your progress.

Dr Menevse Ozdemir Diliduzgun
Vice-President, Debt Capital Markets Advisory, Halk Invest
Turkey Forum 2018

I did enjoy the event and networking during the breaks. Thank you for your kind invitation and support. I found the event very timely given the developments in Turkey and the forum has managed to address those issues not only in the country but also in the geopolitical context.

Leilya Shamel
Associate Director, Business Development, DDCAP
Turkey Forum 2018

A great event, packed with so much knowledge and great speakers, I am honored once again to be part of the event as a speaker. I had the chance to discuss all the aspects of the fintech industry from regulation to technology.

Dr Cigdem Ayozger Ongun
Founder – Managing Director, SRP Legal
Turkey Forum 2018

Having attended the IFN conference every year for the last five years, I was very pleased to see the interest from various market players both from Turkey and the rest of the world. As discussed in the panel session that I participated in, there are various opportunities in the market to use Sukuk as an alternative financing tool. Yes, we also have some difficulties along the way but we will get there. This year’s event was another strong testimony of it!

Mufit Arapoglu
Partner, Balcioglu Selcuk Akman Keki Attorney Partnership
Turkey Forum 2018

I enjoyed the sessions and meeting other panelists during the event.

Nikhil Rathi
CEO, London Stock Exchange
UK Islamic Finance Week 2018

Indeed, I can’t agree more, I think IFN UK Islamic Finance Week 2018 was well organized and attended, offering an interesting mix of topics and discussions with many experts in different sectors of the Islamic finance industry. You may quote me on this if you want.

Najib Al Aswad
Director, IFAAS
UK Islamic Finance Week 2018

I really enjoyed the event and found it interesting and valuable. From a VG perspective, I was very pleased with the profile it gave us and the opportunity to catch up with clients and contacts.

Mark Hucker
Managing Director, VG
UK Islamic Finance Week 2018

As always it was a great event and very helpful for the whole industry. I enjoyed my participation a lot and am looking forward to supporting and participating in any future events.

Marco Lichtfous
Partner, Strategy and Operations, Deloitte Tax & Consulting
UK Islamic Finance Week 2018

I enjoyed the event in London and I thought it was very well organized, with good speakers and a discussion that covered all the important subjects related to the global/UK development of the Islamic finance industry.

Mohamed Damak
Director and Global Head of Islamic Finance, S&P Global Ratings
UK Islamic Finance Week 2018

Very much enjoyed the event. Looking forward to next year’s.

Bruno Martorano
UK Islamic Finance Week 2018

I would like to confirm that the event was definitely a real success. I really appreciated the quality of the discussions and the importance of the topics selected for the different sessions.

Ali Khokha
Senior Manager, PwC
UK Islamic Finance Week 2018

Well done to REDmoney for a well-organized event.

Faridah Bakar Ali
Director and CFO, Khazanah Nasional
Asia Forum 2018

A very well-organized and attended event. Interesting times ahead for Malaysia. Likewise, looking forward to working with you and the REDmoney team soon, thanks.

Yeoh Teik Leng
Head, Structured Finance and Loan Markets, Capital Markets Group, AmInvestment Bank
Asia Forum 2018

Congratulations on yet another successful event! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to contribute to the event. We look forward to be of service at the next opportunity!

Simon Chen
Vice-President - Senior Analyst, Financial Institutions Group, Moody’s Investors Service
Asia Forum 2018

It’s always a pleasure to work with you and the team, Andrew, and I thank you for inviting me to moderate the session. We thought that the event was extremely good and the attendance supports this view. The sessions were all very interesting and there was a very positive vibe throughout.

Lawrence Oliver
Deputy CEO, DDCAP Group
Asia Forum 2018

A big thank you to you and your team is in order for a job well done.

Ashraf Gomma Ali
Director/Regional Head, Shariah and Governance, CIMB Islamic
Asia Forum 2018

It was my pleasure. Many thanks Andrew. I enjoyed it and felt the discussions were relevant.

Daud Vicary Abdullah
Managing Director, DVA Consulting
Asia Forum 2018

Thank you for the kind message, job made very easy with a great set of panelists. I particularly enjoyed your explanation of Gen-Y behavior, it was very insightful.

Arsalaan Ahmed
CEO, HSBC Amanah
Asia Forum 2018

Thank you so much for inviting. I really enjoyed myself. The event was so well organized too. So grand. Well done!

Sharifah Bakar Ali
General Manager, Group Business Development, UEM Group
Asia Forum 2018

Thank you for the invitation to speak at this event and for the very good organization and attendance.

Mohamed Damak
Global Head of Islamic Finance, S&P Global Ratings
Asia Forum 2018

A quick note to thank you for the invitation to speak, and congratulations on a forum very well organized! Glad to have had the time for knowledge-sharing.

Hazwan Alif Abdul Rahman
CEO, CMC Engineering
Asia Forum 2018

I thought that we had a good session, which laid a good foundation for the rest of the day.

Ashraf Mohammed
Assistant General Counsel, Asian Development Bank
Asia Forum 2018

It was a pleasure meeting other panelists and learning from their rich experience. Look forward to staying in touch. Last but not the least, congratulations to the IFN team for organizing a very successful event.

Ali Allawala
CEO, Standard Chartered Saadiq
Asia Forum 2018

An excellent event. We had a positive experience at the 5th IFN Australia Forum with good participation.

Almir Colan
Director, Australian Centre for Islamic Finance
Australia Forum 2018

A good event, well organized.

Muzzammil Dhedhy
COO, Hejaz Financial Services
Australia Forum 2018

The vast majority of speakers were very informative and professional.

Hakan Ozyon
CEO, Hejaz Financial Services and Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Ethical Fund
Australia Forum 2018

Thanks for having me at this very high-profile event and allowing me to speak and learn and share views at the dialogue. I am sure IFN Events will be followed in the future and participants will be waiting for it.

Sulaiman Hamad Al Harthi
Deputy CEO - Islamic Banking ,Islamic Banking Group Bank Muscat
Oman Forum 2018

Thanks and appreciation for the excellent organization of the forum. It was also our pleasure to participate in the prestigious event. We look forward to 2019’s edition too.

Khalid Al Kayed
CEO, Bank Nizwa
Oman Forum 2018

We were very pleased with the attendance of all the major banks and fintechs from India, Pakistan, Iran, and Bahrain that participated. It was a small setup but one of the very well-organized and compact ones. On behalf of Monami Tech, we appreciate the exposure and hope to be considered for speaking opportunities in the future.

Chitrajit Chakrabarti
VP International Business, Monami Tech
Oman Forum 2018

Good conference and quite impressive. I had to run and attended for a short time. Well done!

Sanjay Arora
Managing Director, Fixed Income Capital Markets, Raymond James
US Forum 2017

The 2017 IFN Turkey Forum hosted in Istanbul was a very impressive event. Although it was a smaller event in terms of size, the caliber and diversity of participants, expertise and networking were brilliant. It’s an excellent platform to explore the fundamentals of Islamic finance and innovation plus collaboration opportunities in the world of Islamic finance.

Didem Altop
Managing Director, Endeavor Turkey
Turkey Forum 2017

The IFN is the main forum in Turkey gathering the major market players in the Turkish Islamic finance community. Attending the event is always eye-opening and a pleasure for Paksoy to join every year.

Sera Somay
Partner, Paksoy
Turkey Forum 2017

The IFN conference brought together experienced, well-versed and knowledgeable stakeholders from across the region, one of the best events of its type I have attended. The event was well organized, but what really stood out were the quality, knowledge and caliber of the conference speakers and panelists; they know their subject matter, and speak from experience. For the attendees, the conference provided greater insight to the topic of Islamic finance and specifically for Turkey, some of the challenges and potential solutions to grow the market. I’m looking forward to next year’s event.

Grant Griffiths
Chairman, Institute of Risk Management Regional Group (Turkey)
Turkey Forum 2017

The IFN Europe Forum provided a useful platform for the ongoing dialogue between government, regulators and industry participants on how the Islamic finance industry may be encouraged to reach its full potential. The robustness of the discussions was testament to the key role the UK and its firms can and have to play in shaping the future direction of the industry both in the UK and elsewhere.

HM Government
Europe Forum 2017

The IFN Dialogue was a very worthwhile session allowing regulators, government and practitioners to exchange views and opinions on the current state and future opportunities within the Islamic finance sector. Given the wide range of relevant discussions, I would support any proposal that this should be established as a regular meeting group.

Duncan Steele-Bodger
Europe Forum 2017

It was a pleasure to take part and good to see the turnout and quality of attendance and discussions.

Muneer Khan
Partner, Financial Markets, Simmons & Simmons Middle East
Europe Forum 2017

First things first, I really need to thank you for your continuous support and for doing the utmost to make our participation at your event both seen and enlightened. Thank you so much! On ourside, we’re hoping to be continuous supporters of your venture that does so much to spread the word about Islamic finance

Rachid Ouaich
Managing Director/Head of European Operations, Wafra Capital Partners
Europe Forum 2017

Very professionally organized event with an excellent turnout. I hope to contribute again next year.

Abradat Kamalpour
Partner, Ashurst
Europe Forum 2017

I thought the event was well-attended, with a good deal of energy and useful insights into the key sectors of the current Islamic finance marketplace.

David Testa
Executive Director, DDCAP
Europe Forum 2017

It was a delight to once again have supported the REDMoney Europe event in 2017 well-organized, well-visited and a very interesting setup in London, returning there after having taken place in Luxembourg for some years. I only can recommend to participate also in 2018 regardless of whether venue will be in London or Luxembourg as the community and project volume of Islamic finance in Europe continue to grow.

Marcus Peter
Partner, GSK Luxembourg
Europe Forum 2017

IFN Europe 2017 was a well-organized event with good speakers complementing an interesting and topical agenda. The debates were relevant with the numbers attending high. The audience and other participants were of good quality. The organizers are to be applauded for the arrangements and TheCityUK was pleased to have supported the event.

Wayne Evans
Senior Advisor, TheCityUK
Europe Forum 2017

Congratulations on a very successful event. I am pleased to have been able to speak.

Majid Sadjadi Nejad
Managing Director, Rostam Capital
Europe Forum 2017

I found the IFN conference both informative and thought-provoking. As an investment professional trained to focus on risk-adjusted returns, the conference provided a sensible argument and evidence to support ethical screening in the selection of investments, not just from an alpha/outperformance perspective but also from a responsible fiduciary perspective.

Aly Meghani
Vice-President, International Real Estate, SEDCO Capital UK
Europe Forum 2017

REDmoney assembled a highly relevant panel to debate current issues in the commercial real estate investment market. We had a good discussion and had active engagement from the audience.

Richard Ellis
Partner, Amiri Capital
Europe Forum 2017

Great event in London on the 11th September 2017 organized by IFN. IFN does a great job of keeping the Islamic finance community together and ensuring the sector maintains high profile. Congratulations to IFN on the success of the event. I will definitely be back in 2018.

Mike Rainey
Partner, King & Spalding
Europe Forum 2017

It was a great event with rich topics and a good crowd. I enjoyed being part of it.

Maisa Shunnar
Head of Strategy Implementation and Transformation, Bahrain Islamic Bank
Europe Forum 2017

I thought the IFN Europe FinTech event provided an excellent platform to raise the profile and awareness of one of the fastest-growing areas of the fintech sector. As the sector continues to develop, this could become a key date in the Islamic fintech calendar.

Angus McLean
Partner, Intellectual Property, Simmons & Simmons
Europe Forum 2017

I have been participating in the IFN Asia Forum with great regularity since the inaugural event over a decade ago. It is refreshing to attend industry events that evolve and pivot to better meet industry needs, hold participant interest and, most importantly, deliver value to the industry. After 10-plus years, the IFN Asia Forum continues to be a leading forum to bring new ideas to a broader market, serve as a gathering place to connect with existing partners and build new relationships and a place to just learn and develop. We are always impressed with IFN events and continue to leverage them as part of our business and human capital development activities every year. Kudos on another productive and valuable event!

Kavilash Chawla
Partner, Baton Global
Asia Forum 2017

IFN has been a strong supporter in raising awareness and organizing Islamic finance events across the globe, especially in countries across Asia. The ICD has had the pleasure of working with IFN on various events and projects and their main IFN Asia event was a great success in bringing many stakeholders together to discuss the Islamic finance agenda. On behalf of the ICD, I would like to thank the IFN team for the service they provide from year to year, and we look forward to their continuing participation in propelling Islamic finance to greater heights.

Khaled Al Aboodi
CEO, IslamicCorporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD)
Asia Forum 2017

Participation in the forum has served dual purposes for us – on the one hand, we have had the ability to showcase and raise further our profile among the participants and second, to network with potential collaborators to further Islamic finance in various ways together which will result in a more accelerated development of Islamic finance than if we were to try to ‘go it alone’. Thanks IFN!

Nida Raza
Director Advisory, Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD)
Asia Forum 2017

Kudos to REDmoney events for consistently executing the large-scale IFN forums with remarkable success. As a speaker at their events, I’ve always been impressed by their excellent planning well in advance and spot-on execution on the event day itself, making the programs flow smoothly and without hiccups. They are, in my opinion, by far the best Islamic finance event organizers by a distance! Keep it up guys!!

Naysan Munusamy
Co-Founder of MoneyMatch and Managing Partner of TH Capital
Asia Forum 2017

The pleasure was all mine. I enjoyed the forum and it was well attended. Will be happy to support this event in future.

Rafe Haneef
CEO, CIMB Islamic Bank
Asia Forum 2017

For anyone who wants to see, hear and feel the pulse of Islamic finance, this is a great yearly Islamic finance event not to be missed. The FinTech Day is something new, fresh and exciting. Prepare to be disrupted!

Azleena Idris
Former Deputy Director of Islamic Banking, Bank Negara Malaysia; Consultant, SHAPE Knowledge
Asia Forum 2017

A good platform for Islamic financiers to share knowledge and experience. Kudos to the organizers!

Noor Shima Noh
Head, Risk Management, Alkhair International Islamic
Asia Forum 2017

Insightful high-quality discussions at IFN Asia Forum 2017 will certainly help to promote the enhanced agility of the international Islamic finance industry especially in navigating the ever-changing dynamics of finance markets. The forum was particularly successful in highlighting that human capital development is a key prerequisite to enhance the industry’s agility and needs to be supported by a robust quality framework for learning and development – which is at the core of our work in Finance Accreditation Agency that we carry out globally.

Khairul Nizam
CEO, Finance Accreditation Agency
Asia Forum 2017

Enjoyable session, good networking avenue. Good platform to keep up with current ongoings.

Norazilla Md Tahir
CFO, Cagamas
Asia Forum 2017

In my view, the event was just a success story: it was well-organized and well-enriched with a special focus on the hot topics/issues. So, I would like to extend my wholehearted congratulations and appreciation to the event organizer and the whole working team.

Hakim Bensaid
Takaful Project Manager, Royale Marocaine d’Assurance (RMA)
Morocco Forum 2017

IFN Forum Morocco 2017 was a successful event that gathered the main local players and some prominent international experts to discuss the perspectives and to give an insight about the challenges facing the Islamic finance industry locally and globally. It is always interesting to be part of the IFN events for their punctuality and networking opportunities.

Dr Ahmed Tahiri Jouti
COO, Al Maali Consulting Group
Morocco Forum 2017

The IFN event gathered the participative finance professionals and updated them through very useful interactions on different subjects.

Abdessamad Issami
CEO, Umnia Bank
Morocco Forum 2017

IFN Forum Morocco was a timely opportunity for the main participative finance actors to share with the public the latest developments of the industry.

Dr Abderrahmane Lahlou
Founder, ABWAB Consultants
Morocco Forum 2017

It’s been refreshing to see the diversity of developments in Islamic finance products and markets in Europe as well as globally. IFN managed again to gather experts with very diverse backgrounds with the aim of confronting views and opinions in an open and constructive dialogue.

Robert Scharfe
CEO, Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Europe Forum 2016

The IFN Forum provides a great platform to foster proximity between Islamic finance and more traditional financial sectors in Europe. The wide diversity of national and international attendees proves the growing interest for the wider sphere of ethical and responsible investments and its growth potential. The truly disciplined criteria of Shariah funds have a lot of similarities with the ESG criteria applicable to the LuxFLAG label, hence it was a great pleasure for me to participate as a panelist. For Luxembourg, as the European center of expertise in Islamic finance, it was an honor to host the conference for the third time.

Annemarie Arens
General Manager, LuxFLAG
Europe Forum 2016

First, I would like to thank REDmoney for its continuous efforts to promote and to support the Islamic finance industry all over the world. I was honored to participate in the annual IFN Europe Forum which took place in Luxembourg for the third consecutive year. As always, there were good quality speakers from different countries and regions with different business backgrounds, flying in to Luxembourg to share with the attendees their knowledge, experiences and best practices.

Ashraf Ammar
Director, PwC Luxembourg
Europe Forum 2016

The IFN Europe Forum was an exceptional opportunity for gathering the most brilliant players in the European Islamic finance space. This was my third participation at the forum, which I think has been one of the best events in recent years for discussing the development of the industry across Europe. I enjoyed very much debating where Islamic finance is heading to in the region and globally with my fellow panelists and the questions from the floor as well and found the level of attendees impressive.

Stefano Padovani
Partner, NCTM, Italy
Europe Forum 2016

I would like to thank you for inviting us to speak at the IFN Europe Forum held in Luxembourg. It was indeed a great pleasure to attend and speak at this well-organized – with a very good quality audience – event.

Mohamed Damak
Global Head of Islamic Finance at Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services
Europe Forum 2016

A very useful forum introducing us to a new and potentially large new market for Islamic finance. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Stephen Openshaw
CEO and Managing Director, Eiger Trading
China OIC Forum 2016

Being a part of the IFN US Forum as both a panel participant and an attendee was incredibly insightful and valuable. The collective knowledge, experience and expertise of the attendees and speakers offered a meaningful opportunity to learn not only about current trends but timely insights on best practices and lessons learned. I look forward to the next upcoming conference.

Patrick T Drum
Research Analyst & Portfolio Manager, Saturna Capital
US Forum 2016

I really enjoyed attending the IFN US Forum 2016; a lot of important topics affecting Islamic finance were covered comprehensively by a select group of seasoned panelists. Looking forward to attending the next one.

Nasr El Hage
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Ritz Banc Group
US Forum 2016

As Islamic banking continues its expansion into mainstream US finance, it is important that Islamic business leaders come together and engage in meaningful dialogue to learn from each other’s experience. The IFN team facilitated first-class event where delegates and panelists were able to share new methods, examine case studies and build fellowship. It was truly a pleasure to participate in the IFN US Forum and I look forward to future involvement.

Sharif El-Gamal
Chairman and CEO, Soho Properties
US Forum 2016

The 2016 IFN Sovereign Sukuk Dialogue was a most beneficial interaction forum. The assemblage of parties who play roles at different stages of the transaction chain (issuers, bankers, lawyers, etc) on the one hand, and of countries at different levels of experience in the issuance cure, were, in my view, greatly useful. As my country, Nigeria is preparing to debut the market with a domestic Sukuk issuance in 2017, I gained useful knowledge. I also imagine that my contributions based on Nigeria’s robust non-Sukuk sovereign bond market were found useful by other participants.

Dr Abraham Nwankwo
General, Debt Management Office, Ministry of Finance, Nigeria
Sovereign Sukuk Dialogue 2016

The IFN Investor Forum certainly exceeded my expectations, both as a delegate and sponsor.Drawing broad attendance, with representation from most continents, the morning sessions offered an in-depth evaluation of investment trends (ranging from traditional through to new asset classes including fintech), investor strategies and perceived market challenges. The afternoon gave attention to the broader SRI industry and potential for collaboration between Islamic and other subsets of responsible and ethical investment. This was a theme that featured through the main event, but was given particular focus within a breakout stream delivered by members of the board of trustees of the Responsible Finance Institute. In terms of content, networking and organization, this ranks among the most informative and engaging events of the Islamic financial calendar. I look forward to the next one.

Stella Cox
Managing Director, DDCAP
Investor Forum 2016

IFN has helped to bring together market shakers of the Islamic finance industry globally. The yearly events gather a strong crowd especially in Kuala Lumpur, the epicenter of Islamic finance globally. The forum promotes the exchange of views and ideas by key representatives worldwide and is envisaged to help drive the dvelopment of Islamic finance.

Ruslena Ramli
Special Advisor to the Governor on Islamic Finance, Central Bank of NigeriaHead of Islamic Finance, RAM
Investor Forum 2016

Thank you for inviting me to the event co-sponsored by the government of Cote d’Ivoire, the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) and the REDmoney Group. I appreciate the opportunity given to participate as one of the panelists at the Africa Islamic Finance Forum. I indeed found it to be useful, thought provoking and an opportunity to advocate the sustained growth of Islamic finance in Africa. The networking opportunities and exposures were valuable. Extend my sincere appreciation to the Minister of Planning and Development for all the Hospitality provided during the two-day event. I will honor future invitations in support of future Africa Islamic Finance Forum events.

Dr Yakubu A Umar
Special Advisor to the Governor on Islamic Finance, Central Bank of Nigeria
Africa Forum 2016

It was a great pleasure to attend such an event (Luxembourg Dialogue). It was really a brilliant idea to put together local and foreign practitioners from inside and outside Luxembourg with the representatives from Luxembourg’s regulatory bodies in one room to discuss the challenges facing the Islamic finance industry in Luxembourg. The way it was conducted was very constructive in a sense that the participants shared the challenges facing this industry and how Luxembourg can mitigate these to promote itself as a hub for Islamic Finance.

Ashraf Ammar
Senior Manager, Deloitte
Luxembourg Dialogue 2015

The Luxembourg Dialogue was a refreshing change from the distractions of a large conference, giving participants an opportunity to discuss the key market issues directly with the key players. Perhaps the most focused way to benefit from a conference.


Harris Irfan
Managing Director, European Islamic Investment Bank
Luxembourg Dialogue 2015

I was delighted to be asked to moderate IFN’s first Dialogue taking place as a precursor to the European Forum in Luxembourg.  The format led to a free-ranging and interesting discussion on the chosen topics, amongst people with a genuine interest in the outcome. If some of the conclusions and takeaways are adopted, there is every prospect they will assist the further development of the industry in Luxembourg.

Neil Miller
Global Head of Islamic Finance, Linklaters
Luxembourg Dialogue 2015

The IFN team put together a high profile event and program with speakers and participants from across the Islamic finance industry. Stimulating, inter-active and above all networking par excellence.

Jonathan Grosvenor
Partner, Bonn & Schmitt General Manager, Global Financial Markets, KBL European Private Bankers, Luxembourg
Luxembourg Dialogue 2015

I was delighted to attend the Luxembourg Dialogue in connection with the IFN Forum in Luxembourg. The Luxembourg Dialogue provided a unique forum for key market participants to discuss recent developments and trends for the purpose to advance Islamic finance in Luxembourg and to foster Luxembourg’s position as a hub for Islamic finance in Europe.


Andreas Heinzmann
Partner, Bonn & Schmitt
Luxembourg Dialogue 2015

We have long since come to expect that IFN Forums will provide an opportunity for discussion and debate of topical industry agenda. This year the inclusion of a series of focused, country dialogues has introduced another dimension. Amongst them, the Luxembourg Dialogue gave invited Islamic financial market participants and industry observers an unprecedented opportunity to connect, in open discussion, with senior practitioner counterparts from Luxembourg’s banking, capital markets and asset management sectors, as well as its regulators and leading providers of ancillary services.

Fouad E. Rathle
Senior Vice Preident, Garanti Bank Luxembourg
Luxembourg Dialogue 2015

We have long since come to expect that IFN Forums will provide an opportunity for discussion and debate of topical industry agenda. This year the inclusion of a series of focused, country dialogues has introduced another dimension. Amongst them, the Luxembourg Dialogue gave invited Islamic financial market participants and industry observers an unprecedented opportunity to connect, in open discussion, with senior practitioner counterparts from Luxembourg’s banking, capital markets and asset management sectors, as well as its regulators and leading providers of ancillary services.”

Stella Cox
Managing Director, DDCap
Luxembourg Dialogue 2015

The Luxembourg Dialogue was an innovative way to bring together a large variety of practitioners involved in Islamic finance activities in Luxembourg. Inspiring debate about the best opportunities to promote and develop the Islamic finance business in Luxembourg.

Carlo Oly
Head of Issuers and Clients, Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Luxembourg Dialogue 2015

The IFN Europe Forum was a great occasion to gain a global overview of the dynamics developed in Islamic finance in Europe and beyond, be it on markets, on products or on investors’ behavior. The interaction with participants from the various home markets of Islamic finance is extremely enriching and helps us better focus our support to the industry.

Robert Scharfe
CEO, Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Europe Forum 2015

The IFN Europe Forum 2015 was a fantastic event for networking and keeping up to date with the latest developments in our industry. It has built upon the success of previous years and is now an established date in the Islamic finance calendar. Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, provided the perfect setting for the forum.

Imam Qazi
Partner, Foot Anstey
Europe Forum 2015

The forum was structured and managed very efficiently. It offered a great opportunity to interact with many key people from the industry as well as to receive insight from eminent speakers. Attendants from both Turkish and global institutions presented their opinions of the current status and the requirements of Turkey’s Islamic finance industry, creating a live atmosphere filled with valuable information for everyone who is interested in the future of both the Islamic and conventional finance industry of Turkey. Roundtable discussions were very enlightening in providing different perspectives from the industry leaders of Turkey’s Islamic finance sector as well as delegates from the conventional banks, who might be the next new entrants to the market. Sharing past experience and future plans with the key people from the industry greatly helped me to shape my opinion on the direction the market is headed.

Aykut Tasel
Director, Deals, PwC Turkey
Turkey Forum and Dialogue 2015

Having participated in the event as a public sector representative, I found the IFN Turkey Dialogue to be a great opportunity for exchanging views and experiences with participants from the industry. The discussions that took place during the dialogue have become an important source of input for us to be used in shaping our policies to support the development of Islamic finance in Turkey. I look forward to participating to similar events in the future.

Ahmet Bicer
Executive Director (Director General) - Banking and Financial Institutions Department, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
Turkey Forum and Dialogue 2015

REDmoney has certainly raised the industry bar higher with the IFN Global Forum 2014. Having seen REDmoney grow from a small two-man team to a robust organization, to be able to undertake such giant events in an impeccable manner with attendance by most of the industry stalwarts in a relatively short period of 10 years exhibits a very high-level of professionalism, commitment to the cause and dedication by the REDmoney team. I wonder to think how the Islamic finance industry would have looked without the presence of Islamic Finance news and IFN events and awards.

Sohail Zubairi
CEO, Dar Al Sharia
Global Forum 2014

These events are crucial to the growth and development of the industry. Where would we be without IFN? Over the years, it has played a pivotal role in bringing stakeholders together – long may it continue.

Qasim Aslam
Partner and Head of Islamic Finance – Middle East, Dentons
Global Forum 2014

It was a pleasure participating in the IFN Global Forum in Dubai. I very much enjoyed the forum and networking with the delegates. I thought that the sessions were very engaging and was impressed by the quality of the presenters, moderators and panelists. The Dubai dialogue was extremely informative and engaging. The participants did not hold back and discussed all the issues on the agenda. Different points of view came across and the panelists debated Dubai’s Islamic market initiative and how the private sector can work with the government to make the initiative a reality for Dubai. IFN should be commended for organizing this event and I look forward to attending future IFN events.

Jawad Ali
Managing Partner, Middle East Offices, King & Spalding
Global Forum 2014

The team behind the IFN Forums has worked very hard to play a key role in creating opportunities for the Islamic finance community to come together and share their experiences, ideas, hopes and aspirations. These forums have become an important feature of the Islamic finance landscape.

Monem Salam
Partner, Simmons & SimmonsPresident, Saturna Malaysia
Global Forum 2014

The team behind the IFN Forums has worked very hard to play a key role in creating opportunities for the Islamic finance community to come together and share their experiences, ideas, hopes and aspirations. These forums have become an important feature of the Islamic finance landscape.

Muneer Khan
Partner, Simmons & Simmons
Global Forum 2014

Quality of session was very productive. Participation of serious, senior stakeholders helped and the direction and moderation was focused. What I like is it was an honest, candid discussion that concluded with tangible call for action.

Ashar Nazim
Partner, Islamic Banking Center, EY
Global Forum 2014