Good conference and quite impressive. I had to run and attended for a short time. Well done!

Sanjay Arora
Managing Director, Fixed Income Capital Markets, Raymond James
US Forum 2017

The 2017 IFN Turkey Forum hosted in Istanbul was a very impressive event. Although it was a smaller event in terms of size, the caliber and diversity of participants, expertise and networking were brilliant. It’s an excellent platform to explore the fundamentals of Islamic finance and innovation plus collaboration opportunities in the world of Islamic finance.

Didem Altop
Managing Director, Endeavor Turkey
Turkey Forum 2017

The IFN is the main forum in Turkey gathering the major market players in the Turkish Islamic finance community. Attending the event is always eye-opening and a pleasure for Paksoy to join every year.

Sera Somay
Partner, Paksoy
Turkey Forum 2017

The IFN conference brought together experienced, well-versed and knowledgeable stakeholders from across the region, one of the best events of its type I have attended. The event was well organized, but what really stood out were the quality, knowledge and caliber of the conference speakers and panelists; they know their subject matter, and speak from experience. For the attendees, the conference provided greater insight to the topic of Islamic finance and specifically for Turkey, some of the challenges and potential solutions to grow the market. I’m looking forward to next year’s event.

Grant Griffiths
Chairman, Institute of Risk Management Regional Group (Turkey)
Turkey Forum 2017

The IFN Europe Forum provided a useful platform for the ongoing dialogue between government, regulators and industry participants on how the Islamic finance industry may be encouraged to reach its full potential. The robustness of the discussions was testament to the key role the UK and its firms can and have to play in shaping the future direction of the industry both in the UK and elsewhere.

HM Government
Europe Forum 2017

The IFN Dialogue was a very worthwhile session allowing regulators, government and practitioners to exchange views and opinions on the current state and future opportunities within the Islamic finance sector. Given the wide range of relevant discussions, I would support any proposal that this should be established as a regular meeting group.

Duncan Steele-Bodger
Europe Forum 2017

It was a pleasure to take part and good to see the turnout and quality of attendance and discussions.

Muneer Khan
Partner, Financial Markets, Simmons & Simmons Middle East
Europe Forum 2017

First things first, I really need to thank you for your continuous support and for doing the utmost to make our participation at your event both seen and enlightened. Thank you so much! On ourside, we’re hoping to be continuous supporters of your venture that does so much to spread the word about Islamic finance

Rachid Ouaich
Managing Director/Head of European Operations, Wafra Capital Partners
Europe Forum 2017

Very professionally organized event with an excellent turnout. I hope to contribute again next year.

Abradat Kamalpour
Partner, Ashurst
Europe Forum 2017

I thought the event was well-attended, with a good deal of energy and useful insights into the key sectors of the current Islamic finance marketplace.

David Testa
Executive Director, DDCAP
Europe Forum 2017

It was a delight to once again have supported the REDMoney Europe event in 2017 well-organized, well-visited and a very interesting setup in London, returning there after having taken place in Luxembourg for some years. I only can recommend to participate also in 2018 regardless of whether venue will be in London or Luxembourg as the community and project volume of Islamic finance in Europe continue to grow.

Marcus Peter
Partner, GSK Luxembourg
Europe Forum 2017

IFN Europe 2017 was a well-organized event with good speakers complementing an interesting and topical agenda. The debates were relevant with the numbers attending high. The audience and other participants were of good quality. The organizers are to be applauded for the arrangements and TheCityUK was pleased to have supported the event.

Wayne Evans
Senior Advisor, TheCityUK
Europe Forum 2017

Congratulations on a very successful event. I am pleased to have been able to speak.

Majid Sadjadi Nejad
Managing Director, Rostam Capital
Europe Forum 2017

I found the IFN conference both informative and thought-provoking. As an investment professional trained to focus on risk-adjusted returns, the conference provided a sensible argument and evidence to support ethical screening in the selection of investments, not just from an alpha/outperformance perspective but also from a responsible fiduciary perspective.

Aly Meghani
Vice-President, International Real Estate, SEDCO Capital UK
Europe Forum 2017

REDmoney assembled a highly relevant panel to debate current issues in the commercial real estate investment market. We had a good discussion and had active engagement from the audience.

Richard Ellis
Partner, Amiri Capital
Europe Forum 2017