REDmoney events
REDmoney events

REDmoney events, an integral part of the REDmoney group, designs, organizes and hosts conferences, forums and seminars throughout the world focusing on the international Islamic Financial market.

REDmoney events have organized forums in Bahrain, Brunei, Cairo, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Karachi, Labuan, London, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Toronto, Paris, Tokyo, Mumbai, Bangkok, New York and Singapore during the past few years alone.

Notable events include the annual IFN ASIA Forum in Malaysia, which has been the industry’s largest event since its inception in 2006, the IFN Forum Roadshow and the IIFM Conference in Bahrain.

REDmoney events offers delegates, panelists and sponsors a unique and unrivalled format in the way events are managed and orchestrated. Free-to-attend, these forums ensure the highest quality of delegates are in attendance and on stage at any given time. We believe in quality, and that’s what we deliver – every time. To see for yourself, please take a look at some of the testimonials our delegates have provided.

Other reasons why REDmoney events is the leading organizer of forums in the Islamic finance industry include:

No presentations or sales pitches: Our events are built around open panel discussions ensuring up-to-date and relevant content

Targeted: Each event is precise and concise to each target market. Only those who are directly involved in that industry sector and market are invited to attend or participate

Regulators: We work in conjunction with local regulators for all our events. With the industry’s leading financial publication (Islamic Finance news) as a sister product to REDmoney events, regulators see the obvious benefits in working with us

Practitioner led: Our events feature only the most prominent industry leaders from around the world. We do not rely on academicians to fill spaces

Groundbreaking: Although we host events in the industry’s ‘hot spots’ we are widely recognized with bringing the Islamic finance industry to new markets, especially through the highly renowned Islamic Finance news Forum Roadshow series

Focused: REDmoney is a media company which specializes in Islamic finance. We are categorically recognized as the industry’s leading Islamic finance media company. We know the industry and the players better than anyone else, and perhaps more importantly, they know us, trust us and rely on us.

For events on the Islamic finance industry, there is nobody else.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our future events.