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Singapore 13th April
Indonesia 15th April
Hong Kong 11th May
Australia 14th May
Egypt 9th June
Turkey 11th June
Thailand 22nd June
India 3rd August
Pakistan 5th August
Saudi Arabia 6th October
Canada 10th November
United Kingdom 12th November
Japan 8th December
Brunei 13th December
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09:00 – 10:00   Registration & Breakfast
10:00 – 10:05   Welcome
10:05 – 10:15   Keynote Address
Arnaud de BRESSON - Chief Executive, Paris EUROPLACE
10:15 – 10:25   Opening Address
Elyes Jouini - Vice- President, Universite Paris Dauphine
10:25 – 10:30   Introduction
Nazmi Camalxaman - Manager, Product Strategy & Distribution, CIMB Islamic
10:30 – 11:15   Session One: Examining Islamic Finance in a Post-Crisis Environment & Lessons Learnt
    Discussing key industry developments and lessons learnt in both local and international Islamic markets in a post-crisis environment
  Identifying challenges and opportunities for the local Islamic financial markets and banks to compete with the conventional financial system
  Discussing local and regional developments in Islamic markets, including taxation, regulatory, and ratings issues
  Increasing transparency and governance to increase confidence in Islamic finance
  Where does regulation go from here?
  Where is France in relation to Islamic finance? What can we expect in the next 12 months?
Dr. Amr Abou- Zeid - Lecturer of Islamic finance Strategies Egypt
    Panelist: Thierry Dissaux - Former Special Adviser for Financial Affairs; French Treasury - CEO, the French Deposit Guarantee Fund
Jal Othman - Partner, Shook Lin & Bok
Gerald Pasquier - Of Counsel, Jurisconsul
Marc Theisen - Managing Partner, Theisen Law
Raja Teh Maimunah - Global Head Islamic Markets, Bursa Malaysia
11:15 - 11:30  

Presentation: Challenges in Islamic Liquidity Management
Raja Teh Maimunah - Global Head Islamic Markets, Bursa Malaysia

11:30 - 12:15   Session Two: France and the Islamic financial markets: Bilateral Cooperation between France and Malaysia
    Discussing local and regional developments in Islamic markets, including taxation, regulatory, risk management and ratings issues
  The importance of a liquidity management house
  Role of governmental bodies and regulators in ensuring compliance in the industry
  Addressing imbalances between rapid growth and bank capability- are France's financial institutions prepared for the growth of Islamic finance
  Creating and Facilitating co-operation between the NYSE Euronext and Bursa Malaysia; Bank Negara and French Central Bank?
  Paris financial place: Key features to become a hub of islamic finance?
Boubkeur Ajdir - Director, IFAAS
    Panelist: Carole d'Armaillé - Director, Paris Europlace
Laurence Toxé - Partner, Norton Rose
Nazmi Camalxaman- Manager, Product Strategy & Distribution, CIMB Islamic
12:15 – 14:00   Lunch
14:00 – 14:45   Session Three: Innovations in Structuring Islamic Products
    Assessing the development of Islamic financial products in the France and the regional markets, including;
  Increasing acceptability of shariah based products by non-Muslims in France
  Where does opportunity lie for Islamic investment products in France?
  Shariah compliant versus Shariah based
  Developments and updates in existing products including;
    - Takaful, re-Takaful & Bancatakaful
    - Private equity
    - Structured products
    - Fund & wealth management
    - REITs
  The potential for further innovation
  Structuring shariah based products in France- Learning from the Malaysian model
Moussa Hannoucene - Former Director, Leveraged and Acquisition Finance, Lloyds Banking Group
    Panelist: Abderrazak Louati - Adviser to CEO, Islamic Corporation of the Development of the Private Sector (IDB); Saudi Arabia
Michael Rainey - Partner, King & Spalding
Alberto Brugnoni - President, ASSAIF
Hisham Bouhouita Guermech
- Partner, Scotto & Associates Law Firm
14:45 - 15:30   Session Four: Issuing and Investing in the Islamic Financial Markets
    The development of Islamic issuance and investments in France and Europe, and its potential.
  Challenges of private issuers
  Structuring Sukuk in France- Learning from the Malaysian model
  Issuing Shariah compliant securities to ensure more effective liquidity management
  Growth of private equity and sovereign wealth funds in Islamic finance
  Identifying growth areas, market opportunities, potential investors and issuers
  Structuring and financing Islamic investment products to meet France's needs
Prof. Moncef Cheikh Rouhou- founder and fomer CEO, BEST (Al Baraka Group)
    Panelist: Anouar Hassoune - Vice President & Senior Credit Officer, Moody's
Dr. Amr Abou- Zeid- Lecturer of Islamic finance Strategies Egypt
Michael Rainey -
Partner, King & Spalding
Samir Kouradine –
Director of Islamic Finance, Akuo Investment Management
Eldred Buck -
Managing Director, Eiger Trading Advisors
15:30 - 16:00   Refreshments and Networking


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Speaker Profile

Osman Akyüz, who obtained his degree from the faculty of political sciences at Ankara University, began his career as a certified public accountant at the finance ministry in 1978. He worked with the Sezai Türkes - Fevzi Akkaya Group from 1983 till 1985, after which he was appointed the manager of financial and administrative affairs at Albaraka Türk.

He has also worked as a fund allocations manager (1991-94), assistant general manager (1994-95) and general manager (1996 - 2002). Osman has been an executive board member of Albaraka Türk since April 2002. He is also the secretary general of the Union of Turkish Participation Banks.