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2010 witnessed somewhat of a turnaround in the financial markets. Some had predicted a lengthier recession, some a double dip and some stagnation. Fortunately for all involved, we witnessed a rebound which couldn’t have come soon enough.

Issuers felt comfortable to dip their toes in the water and seek fresh capital. And they were welcomed with open arms by investors, especially from the Middle East and Asia, willing to trust their instincts.

Although Shariah compliant capital raising was witnessed in numerous markets, some for the first time, it was Southeast Asia which took the lead. Malaysia, which continues to flourish in this space, again showed its might and powered ahead with numerous groundbreaking deals along with the myriad of smaller transactions. Additionally, Indonesia pressed ahead with its Islamic issuances giving hope to the world’s most Muslim populated country. Although notable deals cannot yet be claimed, Brunei, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand all built on their already impressive capabilities.

These are all markets we will visiting in 2011, in addition to Egypt and Turkey, both of which are now being recognized, and rightfully so, as major potential participants in the Islamic finance industry. Australia, a market many would not have considered a potential player, is making phenomenal strides to becoming a centre for Islamic finance. Following a hugely successful event in Sydney in 2010, we’ll be visiting Melbourne in 2011. Finally, but not least we'll be returning to North America in 2011 with stops in both Toronto and New York.

For the past 6 years Islamic Finance news has been reaching out and educating new markets. For the past three years the educational IFN Roadshow, in key developing Islamic financial markets, has been an overwhelming success. The IFN 2011 Roadshow will be stronger than ever before.

For 2011, 12 key markets have been scheduled to host an IFN Roadshow. These markets are those which you, our clients, have suggested we need to focus. During the course of the year, other locations may be added, and on that note we do invite you to offer suggestions.

Islamic Finance news Roadshow 2012
Free to attend, although all delegates will be screened before qualifying
Focusing on markets which are developing in the Islamic finance world
Particular focus on that market with international participation
Standard format ensuring everyone knows exactly what to expect from each event
Plenary sessions – no sales pitches
Short one-day events – senior individuals don’t have the time to attend lengthier events
Targeting between 125 and 250 for each event
Cooperation and participation from local regulators
Practitioner led, with some Shariah scholars providing the perfect mix
Conclusions will be delivered at the end of each event
Issuers and investors will be in attendance – not just the intermediaries


IFN 2011 Issuers & Investors Asia Forum

IFN 2011 Issuers & Investors Europe Forum

Islamic Finance news Awards Ceremony 2011

Entering its 6th year, the IFN Issuers & Investors Asia Forum, is recognized as the industry’s leading and largest annual event

Delegate numbers increase each year, as the industry develops and this event grows in stature. 1,811 attended in 2010 and we’re expecting an equally impressive audience in 2011

Each day will include Key Note presentations and round table discussions

Our unique format of almost entirely round table discussions ensure unbiased and educational debate

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  Welcome to the much anticipated launch of the IFN Europe Forum.

Following the phenomenal success of the annual IFN Asia Forum, which celebrated its 5th anniversary in 2010, the IFN Forum concept is now taking its first step into a new market, and where better than Europe?

With an expected audience of 750 during the two-day event, IFN Europe 2011 will instantly become the largest annual event on European shores.

The Issuers & Investors concept will see the first day focusing on and targeted towards the issuer community, whilst the second day will be for the investors. Two very separate and distinct days ensuring nobody need attend more than one day – another reason why this concept is unique.

More sessions, topics, speakers and coverage than seen before in Europe

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The Islamic Finance news Awards honors the best in the Islamic financial industry. It is one of the most prestigious awards and highly recognized by the global Islamic capital markets

The IFN Polls were established in 2005, and continue to be an apt representation of the current Islamic financial market landscape. The poll is carried out each year with votes being tallied and the results announced during the first week of every year

The IFN Deals of the Year were established in 2006 and recognizes those who participated in the industry’s most groundbreaking transactions each year. A panel of experts from non-competing organizations then sieve through all submissions during the elimination process until just one transaction in each category remains and is thus awarded the winner of that category

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