Welcome to a new format of events with an extra twist.

IFN – the world’s leading Islamic finance news provider – has developed what we believe is the perfect solution for you to reap all the benefits of sponsoring an event, without leaving your office.
Reach more people; no need to travel; save time; all for a fraction of the price.
Introducing the NEW IFN OnAir Forum series. A series of online roundtables, streamed to a global unlimited audience, then followed up with an exclusive IFN Report distributed to our global 70,000+ audience.
As the Islamic finance industry’s leading media and events company; these events will retain their exclusivity and unmatched reach.

The Event

A series of high-level, international, thought-provoking, interactive e-roundtables


The Report

An exclusive and comprehensive review of every session from every roundtable produced within 15 days of the IFN OnAir Forum taking place


A new platform delivering high-end live Islamic finance forums from around the world


See for yourself

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Sponsors Area

All IFN OnAir Forum Partners will enjoy excellent exposure throughout the broadcast

Twitter Area

IFN Twitter feed will be running live throughout

Sharing Buttons

Post and share the IFN OnAir Forum through any of the core social media platforms

Q & A Area

Pose questions live to the participants at any time

Streaming Area

All Moderators and Panellists will be streaming live throughout

Speakers Area

Full details including full profiles of all participants will be available throughout the broadcast