Islamic Real Estate Investment Seminar

Date: 6th November 2015 Venue: London
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Remaining as one of the most vital asset classes in the industry, the real estate and property sector continues to indicate healthy growth prospects. This positive outlook is supported by the maintained level of investments in real estate assets across the globe, particularly in the UK and the US.

This 1-day seminar, delivered by senior Islamic real estate deal-makers, will look at global real estate trends and opportunities and tackle the value proposition Shariah-compliant deals bring to this dynamic market.


  • The Islamic investor’s profile and emerging global real estate markets
  • How do Shariah-compliant real estate transactions differ from the traditional and what legislations and tax structures in Europe and the UK affect these transactions?
  • An overview of the structures used in Islamic real estate transactions
  • Key considerations in structuring Islamic real estate funds
  • The trends and opportunities in the global and the UK real estate markets

What to expect?

  • A review of key real estate investment markets in the GCC, Europe, Africa and Asia
  • Understanding the basis for utilizing the various Shariah - compliant principles in structuring real estate transactions
  • Key considerations for global RE investors: regulations, requirements and incentives in new markets
  • Case studies: An analysis of real estate transactions across the globe in residential, commercial and mixed developments

Why you should attend?

The real estate investment continues to evolve with the entrance of new high potential markets, new regulations and the introduction of innovative structures and assets. This seminar will bring global real estate to London featuring real estate investment experts from key markets. Should you be a real estate practitioner, investor or a lawyer involved in structuring real estate transactions, Shariah-compliant or otherwise, this one-day seminar has something for you. Use this opportunity to assess the potential of what Islamically structured transactions have to offer the market.








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