Welcome to MIF 2007

In August, Islamic Finance events, will host MIF 2007. Following the phenomenal success of the inaugural Malaysian Islamic Finance conference in the corresponding month last year, delegates attending the second event can expect a similar experience – only better.

MIF 2007 will focus on Malaysia’s role as the dominant and prominent force in Islamic finance. Currently boasting the world’s largest Islamic bond market, Malaysia is ideally placed as a launching pad not only to the rest of South East Asia but the Middle East and further a field too.

We will again draw on the experience and expertise of the industry’s elite to provide insightful, explorative and thoughtful discussion on the topical areas of Islamic finance today. Delegates will hear from the world’s leading practitioners as well as senior government officials from the industry’s key participants.

Key regulators and associations will again be in full attendance as they were in 2006. Not only those from Malaysia, but from around the globe.


Malaysian Islamic Finance
was launched in March 2006 with the inauguration of the MIF Issuers and Investors Forum 2006, a joint collaboration between Malaysia 's regulators: Bank Negara Malaysia, Securities Commission Malaysia, Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority (LOFSA) and Bursa Malaysia.


The inaugural forum held during August 2006 was quite categorically the industry’s largest ever event.

With 65 Panelists, 1,141 Delegates from 24 Countries ascending on Kuala Lumpur. In 2007, with a

larger event planned, it is very likely this figure will be surpassed ensuring again that this event will be

the largest of its kind during the year


The quality of the delegates is of utmost importance. As the event is by invitation only we determine who can and cannot attend. As result we are not swayed by the revenue. In 2006 36% of delegates were of Board level and a further 52% from senior management. 97% of all delegates expressed a desire to attend the 2007 event.


MIF 2007 will bring together senior representatives and experts from all leading institutions within the field of Islamic finance. This timely meeting of giants will provide issuers and investors from local and international Islamic capital markets the opportunity to discuss, network and ascertain more about this vibrant market.


A unique event:
  • By invitation and open solely to senior corporate executives and investors
  • No Fee to attend the Malaysian Islamic Forum

  • Leading practitioners impart experience in panel debates
  • Panel-led discussions and audience involvement

  • No presentations - no risk of lectures, marketing talk or sales pitches


  • Time efficient � two one-day events focusing on the requirements of two different audiences. Day one addresses issues for issuers, day two for investors. Attend the day relevant for you

  • Practical Discussion � a focus on the practical issues, not out of context theory
  • Published conclusions in a forum review available to all attendees

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