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14th August 2006
Issuing Islamic Paper


15th August 2006
 Investing Islamically

Welcome to the Malaysian Islamic Finance forum

This is a joint collaboration between Bank Negara Malaysia, the Securities Commission of Malaysia, LOFSA (the Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority) and Bursa Malaysia, focusing on the Malaysian Islamic financial markets. The event will be produced by Islamic Finance events, part of the REDMoney Group.

Malaysian Islamic Finance (MIF) will bring together senior representatives and experts from all leading institutions within the field of Islamic finance. This timely meeting of giants will provide issuers and investors from local and international Islamic capital markets the opportunity to discuss, network and ascertain more about this vibrant market.

A unique event:

  • By invitation and open solely to senior corporate executives and investors

  • No Fee to attend the Malaysian Islamic Forum

  • Leading practitioners impart experience in panel debates
  • Panel-led discussions and audience involvement

  • No presentations - no risk of lectures, marketing talk or sales pitches
  • Time efficient � two one-day events focusing on the requirements of two different audiences. Day one addresses issues for issuers, day two for investors. Attend the day relevant for you

  • Practical Discussion � a focus on the practical issues, not out of context theory
  • Published conclusions in a forum review available to all attendees

senior participants:

  • Dato' Seri Abdullah, Ahmad Badawi
    Prime Minister of Malaysia
  • Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz
    Governor, Bank Negara, Malaysia
  • Professor Rifaat Ahmed Abdel Karim
    Secretary General, IFSB
  • Dato' Mohd Razif Abdul Kadir
    Deputy Governor, Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Dr Nik Ramlah Nik Mohamood
    Director, Market Policy and Development Division, Securities Commission

  • Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop
    Minister of Finance
  • Dato' Zarinah Anwar
    Chairman, Securities Commission
  • Dato' Azizan Abdul Rahman
    Director-General, LOFSA, Malaysia

  • Yusli Mohamed Yusoff
    CEO, Bursa Malaysia

Post-conference workshops
16th & 17th August 2006

Two post-conference workshops, conducted by the conference moderator, Mr Abdulkader Thomas, are also available to attendees. You are able to book these separately.

Workshop A : 16th August 2006
Latest Structuring Issues in the Islamic Capital Market:  Sukuk & Derivatives 

Workshop B : 17th August 2006
Global Islamic Fund Structuring with an Emphasis on Real Estate

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