Date: 9th September 2019 Venue: Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul

An all New Exciting Format for IFN Turkey

Following extensive research we have taken the bold move to transform the annual IFN Turley event from the standard ‘Forum’ setting to one of exclusive, interactive and hugely development focused Dialogues. This is where the future of events lies:

Objectives of the Dialogues

IFN Turkey Dialogues provide market players with an opportunity to come together and discuss, in a closed-door setting, how to advance the participation finance industry. The sessions will enable participants to ask questions and share information and views that may not be discussed in open forums. The Dialogues will also allow market players to provide feedback and suggestions to regulators on how to move the participation industry forward and to identify what steps they feel should be taken by regulators and how market players may be able to assist.

Format and Follow-on

The Dialogues adopt the Chatham House Rule, designed to increase openness of discussion. Anyone who attends the Dialogue is free to use the information from the discussion but is not permitted to reveal or attribute comments made. At the conclusion of the Dialogues, IFN will produce a report summarizing key points discussed during the sessions. This report will then be distributed to Dialogue participants and relevant regulatory bodies. All recipients will be reminded of the confidential nature of this document.

Role of Regulators and Market Players during the Dialogues

Regulators are invited to attend the Dialogues. They need not actively participate in discussions but are of course welcome to do so. Market players are encouraged to use this opportunity to raise issues that they would not otherwise feel comfortable discussing in an open forum. The Dialogues are an opportunity to raise, debate, analyse and examine current issues affecting the participation finance industry among a group of peers. They offer a unique platform to share concerns with regulators – those in the room and those who will eventually receive the Dialogue report. Finally, it is also an ideal setting to discuss potential collaboration that will ultimately benefit the domestic market.

Pre-Dialogue Preparation and Agenda Setting

All Dialogue participants will be confirmed and announced two weeks prior to the event taking place. At that point, IFN will invite participants to provide input on key issues, questions and points that will ultimately shape the agenda and drive the Dialogue discussion and will also ask participants to identify and share topics and areas they would like to be addressed on.