Distributed Ledger Technology:
From Crypto-Currencies & Blockchains to Tokenized Assets
SIDC CPE - accredited: 10 CPE Points for each day
Date: 15th August 2018 Venue: Kuala Lumpur

The use of crypto assets and distributed ledger technology in business and financial institutions promises secure, streamlined and faster processing of information. From specific functions such as supply chain and trade financing to more generic uses such as document management and general data storage systems. The potential uses for both government agencies and other large organizations are often touted as limitless.

Neuroware provides a grounded tour of distributed technology, exploring various ways in which the evolution of computer networks have given way to new business models. We take a deep dive into the macro and micro-economics that incentivize the various ecosystem stakeholders that are either supporting or combating this new technology.

The goal of this training session is to help organisations understand Blockchains by putting their team members that attend in a position to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the differences between bitcoin, Blockchains & distributed ledgers?
  2. Why do public Blockchains use crypto-currency?
  3. How does a permissioned or private ledger avoid needing crypto-currency?
  4. How can these tools be applied to financial business-focused uses ?
  5. What are the differences between crypto-currencies and tokens?
  6. What can tokenization services be used for in the real world?


  • Distinguish between bitcoin, Blockchains and distributed ledgers
  • Apply financial and non-financial uses for Blockchains
  • Examining crypto-currencies and tokenized assets
  • Assess regulatory responses to tokenized assets
  • Evaluate the uses for smart contracts
  • Generate your own token