09:00:00 – 09:05:00
Opening Remarks

09:05:00 – 09:15:00
Welcome Remarks

09:15:00 – 09:30:00
Keynote Address

09:30:00 – 10:10:00
State of the Islamic Finance Industry in Australia

Shariah compliant financial activities in Australia remain concentrated in limited sectors. The two most commonly accessed products are Islamic Superannuation (Pension) funds and residential home loans. However, there is significant attention given to the property sector and infrastructure financing which is a considerable progress in the region.

  • What are the performance drivers in the Islamic finance industry in Australia?
  • Regulatory constraints and tax issues for asset-backed financing hindering the growth of Islamic finance industry
  • What are the opportunities for Islamic financial institutions to fill the gap in the property sector development?
  • How can we capture the interest in the Australian property market from foreign investors?

10:10:00 – 10:30:00
Presentation: Islamic Reporting Initiative and Sustainable Goals Development

10:30:00 – 11:00:00
Coffee Break

11:00:00 – 11:40:00
Islamic Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction
  • Current trends in Islamic asset allocation & portfolio construction
  • Are Shariah compliant funds outperforming their counterparts?
  • What are the key Shariah considerations in portfolio construction?
  • What are the industries to look for in the future?

11:40:00 – 11:55:00
Presentation: Islamic Finance in the Digital Era

The accelerating rate of technological change combined with shifting customer preferences is having dramatic implications for the ways in which financial services are structured, delivered and consumed. Islamic finance should leverage on the fintech opportunities to boost growth

  • Friction-less user experience on mobile devices
  • AI & machine learning algorithms to improve investment decisions
  • Online lending
  • Robo advisory

11:55:00 – 12:10:00
Presentation: Islamic Social Finance – Engineering the Awqaf Industry through SMART Waqf

12:10:00 – 12:40:00
Shariah Governance and Transparency
  • Do Islamic investment companies maintain Shariah governance in the liberal market?
  • Are they being transparent to their customers?
  • What are the steps taken to mitigate Shariah non-compliant incidents?

12:40:00 – 13:00:00
Presentation: Strategies to Overcome Market Volatility in Islamic Fund Management

13:00:00 – 13:30:00
Branding & Re-Branding Islamic Finance in a Muslim Minority Market
  • How do Islamic financial institutions position themselves in Muslim Minority market and Muslim market?
  • Is there any intersection between ethical and religious investments?
  • Do Islamic investment companies dare to promote in this intersection?
  • How can the branding help break some of the common misconception about Islamic finance?

13:30:00 – 14:30:00

14:30:00 –