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IFN Dialogues offer an independent and impartial platform for the identification and resolution of specific issues, challenges and opportunities facing the industry through a high-level discussion designed to determine the potential development of a particular country, sector or asset class.

The Luxembourg Dialogue was a refreshing change from the distractions of a large conference, giving participants an opportunity to discuss the key market issues directly with the key players. Perhaps the most focused way to benefit from a conference.

Harris Irfan, Managing Director, European Islamic Investment Bank



Session: The Dialogue is a two to three hour closed-door session following Chatham House rules, with all comments anonymous and unattributed to encourage free and open debate. A suggested agenda is provided in advance with input from all panelists in order to identify the key pertinent themes and questions.

Chairperson: A respected and impartial industry expert acting as moderator to guide to the discussion. Role includes: introducing the panel, outlining the agenda, guiding the discussion through a series of predetermined topics and questions, keeping the conversation on track, summarizing the key themes, resolutions and actions agreed by the panel.

Panel: An elite and diverse gathering of 12-15 acknowledged leaders and experts from across the specific market or segment, gathered together to discuss and evaluate the issue at the highest levels and who have the authority and ability to implement the proposed conclusions in order to achieve material results from the discussion. Participants are at the sole discretion of IFN.

Regulators: A select group of 2-4 key market regulators are also invited to participate and air their views, and allowing them the unique opportunity to hear first-hand the areas necessary for development and improvement.

An innovative way to bring together a large variety of practitioners involved in Islamic Finance activities in Luxembourg. Inspiring debate about the best opportunities to promote and develop Islamic Finance business in Luxembourg.”

Carlo Oly - Head of Issuers & Clients, Listing, Issuers and Markets, Luxembourg Stock Exchange



Distribution is limited to a very select few. These individuals will receive one version in print and a soft copy*.

One of the best sessions I have attended in recent months. What made a real difference was a combination of serious participants, quality of moderation and the focused themes. Deliberations were blunt and geared towards identifying key drivers and possible solutions. “

In an era where conferences and roundtables are rather fashionable, Dubai Dialogue offered a fresh perspective. I believe it will go a long away in providing food for thought for the Islamic Economy initiative

Ashar Nazim, Partner, Islamic Banking Center, EY



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